Humanity, professionalism, compassion

Today, I witnessed a horrific act. I witnessed a man, made homeless from divorce, who had managed to secure a desk in coworking space and was in the process of getting his life back on track be victimised, shamed and evicted back onto the streets for having the cheek to store some personal effects in another (empty) office for a couple of days.

This one individual has been thrown out for no more than a cheeky storage faux par - which inconvenienced no one... because he is homeless. As if it was something contagious. He had been sleeping in his car on Green Park. My understanding from the head of security is that the security team were well aware of it. And were allowing him to get back on his feet. But were getting to a point where they were almost at end of their tether. However, the situation was un-necessarily 'escalated' above security's heads to senior management... and then, of course, security were forced to 'follow the rules'. It didn't need to be escalated.

It could have been dealt with a lot more compassionately. The hub has a cupboard at the back of the room. We could have stored his stuff there for a couple of weeks. And helped him get somewhere to stay. Instead, it was used as an excuse to banish him.

He is a professional man. Clean. Of good heart. Who has fallen on massive hard times. And made a few silly choices. And probably stayed on Green Park longer than he should have done. But, the manner in which has been treated today is utterly shameful.

People. We all have a choice. We can show compassion and bend some minor rules to help people. Or we can abuse the rules to have someone evicted just because they happen to be temporarily sleeping in their car.

It was a disgusting, shameful day. And I am deeply deeply saddened.

Single, male and 47, he can't get housing. I am raising money for my new friend to get a deposit and a couple of months rent money together for him. He'll do the rest and is looking for work as I type. But he needs an address. If you have £20 or more, I am hoping to raise £1,500. I will vouch for him on his rent book. He is a good chap and proud. And wont ask for help.

Please help him (and me) and restore some dignity and faith in people. So, please paypal even just £5.00, £10... or £20... or more to . I will ensure every penny helps him. Please.