Get out there and help people.

I often work and consult with marketing and digital agencies. In simple terms, I am bring my long-term experience (since 2001) of running a small (up to 5 man) creative and digital agency and all the mistakes, assumptions and minefields that I fell fowl to. And I try and enable these newer agencies to have the tools, systems, processes and mindset to win through.

It's tough. But the great thing I love about helping people with their business is that I always get something back. Helping people is the most rewarding thing. The more you give, the more you share and the more you are willing someone else's success - the more that falls into place for you.

So, today's thought... get out there and see how many people you can help. If you've not got the time, then look at your calendar and start slashing meetings, events and anything that isn't getting you further forward. And free up your time.

You'll learn so much.