Marketing Attention To Detail

One of the things I am learning on my journey to help people is the level of granular detail that the business owner assigns to marketing, seems to directly correlate with their business success.

I am finding more and more that the more the senior team get deeply into marketing (not just sales!), the better the business is doing.

So, today's short post is to ask you to really think about your marketing on a granular level as often as you can. Dive deep. Ask nitty gritty questions. Whilst also thinking about the bigger picture. Such as.... Do you have a budget? If not why not? If you haven't got one, then you're not taking it seriously enough. If your argument is, "Well, there isn't enough money", then you're not making enough excess profit. And that is a marketing problem.

Profit and Innovation are EVERYTHING. Your business will not survive without them. And by profit, I mean excess profit. Not just the stuff you take out of the business as Dividends and leave the bank account at zero at the end of the year. Excess profit.

Do you have a planned Innovation strategy and schedule? Nope? You neeeeeeeeed one. Now.

So, get into the detail. Be learning new marketing insights every week. It's a moving feast. It's a constantly ebbing and flowing battlefield. It's rapidly changing. If you do not keep up to date with what's going on, you are at the mercy of your digital agency. And most of those aren't that great at knowing what's going on either.

Often, the argument back is, "But that is not my core skill. I am XYZ. That's why I hire my agency." or, "I am not technical. There's too much to learn".

You get told (time and again) to work ON your business and not IN your business. This is a semi-myth. Nearly every truly great organisation that you respect and is a "legend" business, the top team definitely worked IN the business too. Knowing what what was going on and influencing the micro as well as the macro.

Get into the marketing detail. Fast.