You are what you do.

If you are an builder... or a programmer... or a property agent... or a solicitor... and you decide to start your own business... then you are now a business person. If you were a solicitor, you are no longer a solicitor.

Role change!

If you were hired into a different role, you would double your efforts to learn everything there is about your new challenge. So, why do so many people who start a business think they can wing it.

How many business, marketing, recruitment, finance, operations workshops, books and training courses have you been on this year? If it's none, then I believe you are negligent in your duty to your business.

We are what we do.

If you have a brick. What is it? It's a three dimensional  solid object made from ceramic. Great. What do we do with it? We use it in a wall. Yep... that's a brick.

What if we used mud ... or straw... or plastic (like lego)... It's still a brick. What it is made of is not what makes it a brick. What it does is what make it a brick.

So, if I take that 'brick' and I use it to prop open a door. What is it? It's a door stop. If I use it to smack someone round the hear... it's a weapon.

We are what we do. If you are an plumber etc and you set up a business then you must relinquish the role of plumber and become a business person. Be the business person. What would a business person do? If you don't know, then you need to learn.

Are you still doing the plumbing in your business. Great. Then you're a plumber.

Can you be both?

Yes... but make sure that when you're doing business... you're a business man. And when you're plumbing... your the plumber. Set your mindset in each scenario.

Your mission (as a business person) is to migrate from doing both (plumbing & business) to just running the business. It's a pathway. A journey. A polarity to work through.

If you are a plumber who dabbles in running a business, then you are always just going to be a plumber who does a few phone calls, does the bare minimum finance and never grows the business. You can call it running a business. But really it's just doing jobs for multiple clients. It's a job. It's not a business.

We are what we do. To get your business off the ground (as a proper business), then you must learn to swap roles.