If it's frustrating or annoying, it's probably useful.

Get that frustration and pump it straight back into your Customer Avatar.

Lots of things going round in my head today.

Wow! What a crazy few weeks.

I have been running around trying to help people.

It's hard. Because, you realise that some people just don't really want to be helped. I mean, they do... but they don't want to really put the effort in to make the change that they'd like to see.

And, the first "Success" of a Marketing Master is to "Humbly face the dragons that you can not yet see"... Which means... Take 100% responsibility for your business and marketing.

It's no one else's fault/responsibility.

It's another great learning curve for me. I up my game another level. Become more discerning. Qualify people better. Practice "polite dismissal". Avoid the shirkers. Trust my gut more.

It's tough telling people, "No"... but that's what I'm going to have to do. Some people are prepared to pay me £150.00/hour. And some can't even remember to turn up to a free consultancy I offered them as a favour to a friend.

So, lesson for the day folks. Get that frustration and pump it straight back into your Customer Avatar. Re-evaluate your Customer Empathy Map. Work it. Work it Work it. Innovate it forward.

If you are engaging or attracting the wrong people, then it's back to your Elements of Marketing Clarity and re-work your system. Re-work the comms. Re-work your filters. Re-work your pathways.

As a Marketing Master, we must take responsibility for those glitches, niggles, frustrations and put all that information back in to our system.

Get to it ! Expect results !

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